In the 21st century, most mortals would say that demigods and deities are only found in mythology – hewn in stone or cast in bronze, recounting the tall tales of numerous pantheons. What they don’t realize is that the gods are still present, wheedling their way into human lives or even running mega corporations that influence whole continents. But will that change as the world starts to fall apart?

Terrifying superstorms tormenting the coasts and islands, great shifting plates beneath the Earth causing chaos and destruction across the lands, droughts and plagues sweeping across the globe slowly turning vibrant greens to brittle browns. The world is experiencing the initial death throes of the apocalypse, and while mortal lives are forever in some kind of peril, the fickle gods have chaos of their own.

The gods of the Greek pantheon are spread all over the world (and below it), but pick a location to meet every century. The Dinner was initially meant as a family reunion, a time to set aside differences and bask in their godliness. The crowd at these dinners used to be in the hundreds, but the lesser gods have been dying out, and recently, so have the greater ones. Now only thirteen remain out of the “original” top-tier gods, and to top it all off, they are losing their powers. The Fates have decided to call the Dinner early to figure out what to do in the face of the impending apocalypse, or their impending doom – whichever comes first.

LARP Freelancers Database


Old Crone Studio operated and maintained the LARP Freelancers Database. The project provided a way to find and collaborate with diverse creators to advance services for LARP far and wide. The project was discontinued Fall 2020.